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Do You Need A Drug Possession Lawyer?

George Carroll and Edward Garcia with the Law Offices of Carroll & Hinojosa, PLLC are committed to representing those charged with drug crimes in San Antonio or anywhere within the State of Texas whether state or federal charges. Whether you are facing a serious felony or a misdemeanor charge our team of experienced lawyers can help you with drug crime charge.

Our attorneys are experienced at finding defenses to your case even when you confessed or drugs were found on your person. We review each case carefully and examine the search, the probable cause for arrest, the confession and all other aspects to protect your rights. We have had many difficult drug crime cases dismissed. Let our experience and our zealous advocacy help you defend your case. Call our skilled and qualified attorneys to assist you today.

George Carroll and Edward Garcia have both been practicing criminal law since 1995. Edward Garcia is a former felony prosecutor.

Call us for a free telephone consultation if you are charged with:

  • Possession of any type of drug
  • Delivery or intent to deliver any type of drug
  • Manufacturing or Sale of any type of drug
  • Fraudulently obtaining drugs by prescription
  • Sales or intent to sell

We have had many cases dismissed such as the following short sample of cases:

Possession of Controlled Substance-
          Cocaine found in the shirt pocket of client while walking his bicycle
Possession of Controlled Substance
          Cocaine found on coffee table when EMS arrived for diabetic siezure
Possession of Controlled Substance
          Oxycotin found on person of driver arrested for possession of marijuana in plain view
Possession of Controlled Substance
          Methanphetamines found inside gearshift of vehicle
Possession of Dangerous Drug
          Anxiety medication found on floor of vehicle during search
Possession of Marijuana
          Marijuana found in back seat of vehicle during search

Hire an experience legal team of attorneys to defend your case. Hire a lawyer that knows your constitutional rights, both federal and state. Hire an attorney that can negotiate with the prosecutor. Hire a lawyer that will defend you by knowing the facts in your case.

Hiring the attorneys at Carroll & Hinojosa, PLLC can have a significant impact on your case because they will take the time to know your case and how the law applies. The lawyers will examine in detail with careful and critical attention to all the details that can make a difference.

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